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The FoodlineWeb suite of databases are a unique source of information for the food and drinks industry. They include Market, Science and News, and are populated by our team of specialists who abstract 1,900 Science, 550 Market and 1,500 News records every month, taken from about 400 key industry journals, as well as books, patents and media sources. The abstracts are fully searchable and the full text of most journal articles can be purchased via a link to the publisher's website. In the case of patents, there is a link to the original document.

  • FoodlineWeb Science provides a wealth of information on food science and technology
  • FoodlineWeb Market gives concise abstracts of published literature packed with useful market statistics as well as new retail products in the UK and novel products worldwide
  • FoodlineWeb News offers a summary of all the latest news relevant to the food and drinks industry
  • Fera HorizonScan provides information on food safety and risk issues at a global level across all food sectors, covering all of the contaminants, residues and other food-related hazards that may affect you
  • Fera Contaminants On-Line is designed for food industry professionals, it is an indispensable and comprehensive guide to European Union food contaminant legislation and residue limits

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Monthly Patent Editorial
Recent patent activity on MSG and umami

Taste is one of the basic senses, a mechanism designed primarily to determine whether substances that enter the body are likely to be safe or harmful. In general, foods and other substances that taste good are perceived as being useful for the body. Taste buds, mainly on the tongue but also at other locations in the mouth and throat, comprise receptors that respond to the five basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami (savoury). Perception of sweetness is usually associated with sugars, and saltiness with foods that are rich in proteins. Unfortunately, many sweet and salty foods are high in calories, usually because they also contain high amounts of fat. Sourness and bitterness may be an indication that a substance is poisonous or putrid. Despite this, vegetables that provide a good source of essential nutrients can taste bitter, often leading to rejection by children until they become accustomed to the sensation. It has also been found that not all people experience tastes in the same way. About a quarter of people are considered to be 'supertasters' who are highly perceptive to the bitter taste of phytochemicals (often those with antioxidant activity and potential to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases) in fruit, vegetables, soya products, tea and red wine.

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Scientific literature and patent reviews
Taste Trends - Ideas & Inspiration for NPD

22 October 2015

Leatherhead Food Research's hallmark Taste Trends Conference exploring the upcoming trends in the food and drink industry is once again set to feed you with ideas and inspiration to develop new products or reinvigorate existing ones.

Attend Taste Trends on 22 October to gain an insight into the upcoming trends in the food and drink industry. This year, we invite back acclaimed keynote speaker Dr Morgaine Gaye, Food Futurologist, who will explore what we'll be serving up in the years to come. We'll also be welcoming Rosie Birkett, recently named as one of the 'Best People to Follow Foodspiration on Instagram', who will touch upon the influence of food bloggers on the food and drink industry. Alongside Leatherhead's experts, the day will also include insight from Andrew Turner, Executive Chef at the Hotel Cafe Royale, who will introduce his exciting award-winning 'grazing concept menu'.

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Taste Trends

Breaking Food Industry News

FSA Product recall for SuperValu soups.

Update on Salmonella outbreak linked to Barber chicken in the US.

Recall of Corleggy cheeses in Ireland.

Leatherhead Food Research News : 31/07/2015

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